Improve performance and belt life.  Easier access to Carburation and time saving clutch adjustments.  Our secondary clutch modification allows for quick removal in less than one minute leaving the shaft in the chain case.  Call Brian (​DooDoctor) today at 231-947-4599 to schedule shipping and modification times.  Normal pricing is $499.00 plus shipping.  

Our Shop has been the Ski Doo Specialist in Northern Michigan for over 20 years!

DooDoctor's Floating QRS kit!  Is there a Difference???

The answer is simple.  Our kit is designed with floating in mind, along with direct fit!  Our shaft is considerably stronger with .090 larger O.D. along with stronger shaft material for longevity.  Wide heavier duty bearing for stability.  The carrier on the end of the shaft reduces wear and supports the outer end of the clutch.  This stops shaft chopping and holds alignment.  Stainless Steel Seal Race.

We have HPV Rollers.  These are made from the same material our Monster Tuff Rollers are made of.  


Click on Link  Below to Video of Floating QRS on YouTube:


More pics of Ski Doo Clutch Resurfacing close to Factory Specifications:

This kit includes the adapter, belt removal tool, washer and adjuster.

*Ski Doo has currently backordered the aluminum adjuster ring.  We are producing billet aluminum replacements pictured in these last pictures.

Adjustable Float Plug for the 900 ACE

 Turn your 900 ACE into a Floating Clutch.  It is easily shimmed for adjustment.  This plug also carries the end of the clutch to reduce spline wear when floated.  



4 Stroke, 2 Stroke, Standard

and Overdrive
Standard PB80  $495.00
Overdrive PB80  $585.00
PB80 Holder  $25.00 


GEN4 850

Available Now


We also Offer Repair for the Moving Primary Sheave.

 We have PB80's in Stock. 900 Ace Hot Rod Kit
Better Acceleration: More Top End
Better Throttle Response

We can clean up your clutch halves in our Machine Shop!!!

$499.00  Comes with Everything you see here and is direct fit in all 2 strokes 2008-2015 XP, XS and XM!  

09-15 XR 1200 4 Stroke is $499.00

You will reuse your Helix, spring, inner clutch half and adjuster.  You will need to pull the bearing off your shaft to remove the inner clutch half.  Note: If you have an '08 or '09, you will need to update to the 2010 and newer adjuster kit for $29.00.

Doodoctor's Floating QRS

​The Solution for the ​non-removable or misaligned clutch for the XP Snowmobile.  (Patent Pending)


We now make Ski Doo 440 Clutch Rollers...same material as our Monster Tuff Rollers!


Conversion Kit for ​'08 and '09 Sleds to the '10 and '11 style Secondary Belt Adjustment



No More Messing with Little Allen Screws!!!​

Ski Doo QRS Secondary Roller B&B Monster Tuffs

Before your chain case cracks, call and order your "Chain Case Saver" (Patent Pending)




We resurface and put factory Ski Doo angles back on clutch halves - 
$115.00 per Clutch (facing both halves) or $230.00 Per set (primary and secondary)
Please drop off or send your clutch halves to
Clarke's Service
8320 E. Bingham Road 
Traverse City, Mi. 49684 
 phone 231-947-4599    
DooDoctor Racing
Operating under Clarke's Complete Service, LLC

Bushings for the Helix and Secondary Floating Sheave for the Floating QRS ​